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Evaluation To Production performance Considering Departments Distance and Route Time Using Simulation With ARENA



This study is about the application of a simulation model to assist performance evaluation of production considering departments distance and route time by using empirical data on a shoe-making industry. The existing condition is composed of 3 main parts which are processed into 9 departments of production. Departments 1st – 5th are a fabrication process, Departments 6th – 7th are the assembling process 1st and 2nd, Department 8th is the process of packing, and the department 9th is the inspection/Quality Control process. The three components through different fabrication processes, and the time between arrival meet to exponential distribution with an average of 13 minutes. Percentage of arrival for each component was 26% for parts A, 48% for part B, and 26% for part C.

The study employed ARENA 10.0 package as a tool, using the model to compare the performances in term of % utilization, characteristics of WIP and ability to meet due date considering departments distance and route time. The verification and validation stages were perform before running the scenarios. The model runs daily production and then the capacity constraint resources defined by % utilization. The simulation result has shown the alternatives for increasing production performance.


Keywords : simulation, departments distance, route time

Fri, 29 Apr 2011 @15:01

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Sun, 8 May 2011 @16:08


Bagus,cukup menarik untuk membantu menambah ilmu pengetahuan..I like it


Thu, 22 May 2014 @11:59

m narendra

sangat penting belajar simulasi, jika kami mempunyai suatu usaha, pasti kita harus mengerti di bidang simulasi. thanks

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